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NEON Tours

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The NEON (New Energy of Norfolk) is Norfolk’s creative arts district, an enclave of public sculpture, large wall murals, interactive art, festivals, creatives, performances, and quirky buildings. On this tour, we’ll discuss the street art, the artists, the neighborhood, its past, and what’s coming up next. We also offer free NEON tours to the public once a month, April through October, courtesy of Downtown Norfolk Council.

Freemason Tours

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Considered Downtown Norfolk’s “first suburb,” parts of this neighborhood were first developed in the late 18th century. Freemason boasts cobblestone streets, ornate mansions, charming gardens, quaint shops, waterfront views, and links Norfolk’s genteel past with its modern urban core. We’ll discuss the Freemason neighborhood’s history, its name, a few mysteries, and find out what makes this area so darn attractive.

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Motorcoach Guides

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Step-on Tours

Have a bus? But need a guide? We’re here for you. We offer step-on services that enrich your journey, narrated by a local guide. Or we could take the whole itinerary off your plate and plan the whole itinerary for you trip to Hampton Roads Just let us know what you’d like to see, and we’ll make it happen! Step-on guided tours are a flat rate of $350 for up to four hours, and $75/hr. after that. Contact us with information about your trip and we will start the conversation.

Tour Escorts

Plan your trip and don’t worry about execution. We will supervise and guide your group’s activities, coordinate hotel check-ins, ticket entries, and ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Tour escorts base-rate is $200 per eight-hour day. Contact us about your trip to discuss tour escorts, overnight stays and other options.

Walking Tours

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Victorian Homes of the Ghent Neighborhood

Built at the height of influential Victorian aesthetics, the Ghent neighborhood is replete with ornate homes, elegant parks and boulevards, unique neighborhood planning, and of course, tree-lined streets. We’ll walk by some of the quirkiest houses and secret hideaways as we explore this charming neighborhood.

Norfolk Waterfront

This tour will focus on sites along the Elizabeth River waterfront. We will start behind Waterside and meander along the Elizabeth River Trail, strolling through Town Point Park, Nauticus, the Pagoda Gardens, Freemason marina, and then to the Hague, as we discuss what developments on the waterfront looked like centuries ago.

History of Downtown Norfolk

A historical overview that focuses on Downtown’s beginnings as a humble port town, to its Union occupation during the Civil War, to its growth during WWI and WWII that lead to its scandalous moniker of “Wickedest City in America,” we’ll discuss the highs and lows of the city, including its revitalization in recent decades.

Random Mashup

If you’re indecisive, we’re here for you! A Norfolk Tour Company guide will select a handful of their favorite sites and surprise you with a grab bag excursion. Be prepared for an eclectic mix; you never know what you’re going to get!

Step-On Pricing:

Flat rate of $350 for up to 4 hours; $75/hr. every hour after that.

Walking Tours Pricing

Norfolk Tour Company offers privately scheduled, guided walking tour experiences for $25 per person.

Discounts are available for large groups, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

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  • Tours are typically an hour long, but we can always adjust the duration. Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll make it happen.
  • We will be standing or walking outside for most of the tours, so please dress accordingly.
  • Each tour begins at a different location, and we’d be happy to discuss the best parking and meet-up options during the booking process.
  • Please visit our Policies page for more information on payment, inclement weather, and cancellations.