Tour Services in Coastal Virginia

The reviews are in: People love our tours!

Folks can’t stop talking about how informative, fun, and wholly entertaining our walking tours are!

“Informative, educational, and entertaining you won’t be disappointed in taking one of their tours. From Norfolk’s historical happenings of yesteryear to the new additions of art in the Neon District his multifaceted talents blend to bring the best tours around.” — Brittany

“Our guide was fabulous. He shared history of the cemetery and those buried there as well as general information about what life was like for those wacky Victorians. They were such an interesting bunch. I’ve attended many cemetery tours in different cities and Josh has been was of the most informed. It was a great crowd and made it completely worth driving there from Richmond!” — Sharon

“I enjoyed the tour very much! The tour guide was entertaining and informative. He really knew his stuff!” — Batty

“Josh is not only a great guide but he’s a local historian. His knowledge for the area is extensive but he makes it fun and interesting. Not only does he know about the history of the area, he knows about the people as well. He brings the past alive and makes it feel like you’re stepping back into time. I would highly recommend any tour he does to locals or someone visiting the area.” — Kat

“Josh gives well-researched, entertaining, informative tours of local cemeteries and art in the NEON district. I’ve been on several of them multiple times and have picked up new tidbits each time. They’re a fun way to learn the history and culture of the area.” — Jordan

“Josh gives the best and most comprehensive tours. He knows the ins and outs of local happenings and history.” — Liz

“Josh’s tours are very thorough and filled with interesting tidbits and stories. Worth the time!” — Val

“My husband and I have attended both Norfolk Notables and Strange Happenings. These are great tours – informative, entertaining, and a lovely walk through a beautiful cemetery “park.” The tour guide, Josh Weinstein, offers a well-researched, thoughtful, and humorous approach to the history of Elmwood. We highly recommend!” — Susan

“I went on the Strange Happenings tour of Elmwood Cemetery. The guide was very friendly, knowledgeable, you could tell he really cares about the cemetery and its history. I would 10/10 recommend these tours and I plan on attending some of the other tours offered.” — Addi

“The tour guide was so quirky and passionate about the cemetery, which made it all that more enjoyable. I definitely recommend going if you visit Norfolk, and it’s a MUST if you’re a Norfolk native.” — Hailey

“The best part about the experience is the tour itself. The guides make the tours fun, interesting and relevant. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to experience living history.” — Richard

“Excellent tour and a beautiful cemetery. I will definitely be back for the other themed tours they offer.” — Sarah

“We’ve taken educational tours of the historic Elmwood Cemetery, exhibits at the Chrysler Museum, fun tours of the new NEON District, and we always have a great time. If you’re looking for a good time with your friends, or if you’re a teacher and would like your class to learn more about local history or the arts, then check out these tours. As a parent, I can attest that my kids love the tours as well.” — Heather

“Get to know Norfolk with these well researched and conducted tours. Each tour is very interactive and fun. Learn more about the history and art where you live.” — Carl